"The machine was a vast fortress, containing no life, set by its long-dead masters to destroy anything that lived."


After a prolonged hiatus, during which I earned a PhD, I am back to make updates to this site. Here is a review of Rogue Berserker.

Fred Saberhagen passed away at his home in Albuquerque on Friday, June 29th, 02007.  He will be missed and remembered by those whose lives he touched: family, friends, and fans.  Tributes to Fred, and links to charities for donations in his honor can be found here:
Fred Saberhagen Memorial

A new Berserker short story is on its way: "Servant of Death" co-authored by Fred Saberhagen and Jane Lindskold!  Click for more info.  Publication date is not yet certain.

Alex Ross has done a brilliant and detailed article for the Games That Weren't website, entitled The Story of ‘Berserker Works’ (the game company run by Fred & Joan Saberhagen in the 1980s).

Berserker comic book is imminent! Fan-Atic Press is hard at work on Issue #1 of a 3-issue adaptation of Berserker: Brother Assassin.  See their page here.  Also, check out the cover of Issue #1 here on the ART page. Story adapted to comics by Chris Moshier, art by Arcana Studios and Jason Sigears, with inks and colors and lettering by Allen Freeman. Cover painting by Doug Chaffee.

Yes, believe it or not, an update! Nothing huge, but I've just found a spare minute to post a new Q&A from Fred in the QUOTES page.


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A quick note to say that this site is not moribund.  The past year or so has been spent researching grad schools, applying to them, interviewing at them, deciding which one to attend, and finally now beginning graduate study in cognitive science at U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  When I have hit my stride, working on this website will be one of the things I'll do in any free time.

Fred has unfortunately been in poor health recently.  If you'd like to show your appreciation for his work, you can drop him a line at jsabe@berserker.com or visit his website: http://www.berserker.com/
He loves hearing from readers.

ORSON SCOTT CARD review of The Ultimate Enemy posted, with permission from Mr. Card himself!   (More updates will be coming along as soon as I finish applying to graduate schools, mid Dec. 2005)

SUPER EXCLUSIVE!  I've just posted a short reflective piece of non-fiction by Fred Saberhagen from 1980 entitled "The Berserker Series."  Reprinted here with Fred's generous permission.  It's a brief, interested read, so go check it out!

Brother Assassin is being made into a three-part comic book by Allen Freeman of Fan-Atic Press!  It will be a full color, full size comic and the first issue should be out within a year of July 2005.  For more info, watch the Fanatic Press website.  This will be a great addition to the Berserker universe; I've always thought that more graphic art was in order.

Finally some updates after a long hiatus!  (I've been working on a few other things.)  I've added some new ruminations and a review of Berserker Prime.  I've also begun to add some new quotes from notes of a conversation I had with Fred some time ago.

Rogue Berserker is out! So stop by your local independent book store and grab a copy of the latest in the Berserker saga!  Or try Amazon if you don't want to bother getting up.
In other news, I've posted a scan of an illustration by Chris Moore for the Berserker story, "Adventure of the Metal Murderer," printed in the Jan 1980 edition of OMNI magazine. Check it out on the ART page.





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