C-plus Cannon - C-plus cannon fire a slug at superluminal velocity, using flightspace. They were employed by ohann Karlsen in the battle of Stone Place in conjunction with boarding parties to defeat the Berserkers. Traditionally the weaponry of large battleships, prototypes of smaller versions have been developed in recent years.

Alpha triggers - these allow Solarian warriors to target an enemy (with a carbine for example) by focusing their eyes on it and to then fire by consciously alterring their alpha brain waves. Needless to say, this takes a good deal of training to learn, but is the fastest way to shoot available to humans.

Blink triggers - like alpha triggers, only soldiers blink instead of using their brain waves. Slower.

10 Cube - In Berserker Kill. It is a 10 meter cubic virtual reality space, which also, apparently, incorporates real matter that can reform itself.

Nuclear/Atomic Pile - A weapon that uses intense radiation to slowly melt its way toward the center of massive spacecraft.