Berserker Trivia

1) Where does the name "Carmpan" come from?
a) It is Solarian Humans' best translation of that race's term for itself.
b) It was part of a poet's description of that race's appearance upon first contact.
c) It is the name of that race's homeworld.
d) It is the name of the place where that race made first contact with Solarian humans.

2) In what book/story did a Berserker knowingly, willingly, and honestly work for a badlife human(s)?
a) Brother Assassin
b) Berserker Throne
c) Mr. Jester [Berserker]
d) Wings Out of Shadow [The Ultimate Enemy]

3) As far as is known, which of these places was never attacked, in any way, by Berserkers?
a) Angkor Apeiron
b) Earth
c) The Builders' Homeworld
d) The Red Race's Homeworld
e) none of the above

4) What is unusual about Frank Marcus's appearance?
a) he has a prosthetic limb made of Berserker metal
b) he has a faint aura
c) he has glowing, metallic eyes
d) he is a bunch of boxes

5) As of the most recent Berserker story, how many races of humanity are known to Solarians to exist in the Galaxy, still living?
a) 2
b) 5 - 10
c) 10 - 100
d) 100 - 1000
e) over 1000

6) Which have the Berserkers, in their tireless efforts to eradicate life, NEVER done, or attempted?
a) travelled back in time
b) enslaved/coerced Solarians
c) enslaved/coerced Carmpan
d) entered The Taj
e) successfully imitated a Solarian
f) blown up a star
g) strategically coordinated their efforts across the Galaxy
h) used torture
i) used biotechnology
j) retreated
k) none of the above

7) Is the 3rd Historian still living?
a) Ys
b) No
c) Sort of

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